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Tre' Rochelle

Tre’ Rochelle may be an over-the-top karaoke artist of this millennium, but over the years, she transformed herself into something bigger than a star. A classically-trained vocalist and now an independent singer/songwriter, and producer of her exponential musical embodiment, Tre’ is exceptionally dedicated to her artistic development and the enrichment of the music community.

Tre’s music is a journey of self-discovery and expression, inspired by her personal experiences and the world around her. Her music often reflects the moods, colors, and emotions she encounters in her everyday life. With an intimate persona, Tre’ Rochelle is a passionate neo-soul artist with a modern jazz twist.

Tre’s music has been featured on various radio stations, podcasts, and blogs. She embarked on her professional musical career in 2013 and independently released her single “I Want You” in 2020 that amassed more than 5,600+ streams on Spotify.

Subsequently, her catalog of the brilliant fair didn’t end here, which was followed by another reveal of her infamous 1st installment of her Color Spectrum series titled “Violet: Slow Motion” and many other singles, with a unique blend of soul, gospel, and jazz influences with lyrical content that reflects her journey as an artist, woman, and believer.

She is committed to using her music to encourage people to be their authentic selves and believes that real connections can be made through vulnerability and openness. She has been resilient in her journey with depression which brought her close to suicide. She has established the I Raise Self movement, which is all about acknowledging, transforming and raising above the circumstances and mental challenges in this life experience to become one’s true authentic self.

Her music is storytelling over smoothly soulful beats that groove. Drawing inspiration from life experiences, Tre’s music invites listeners on an introspective journey full of love, pain, and self-reflection. Her live performances are engaging and connective, tapping into the hearts of those who listen.

After years of performing music in various capacities all over the world, Tre’ is ready to complete her first full-length album, further tell her story through a book, create a one-woman show, and begin her next chapter with the release of new music projects.

With a soulful, introspective, and honesty rooted in pain and hope, love and loss, she hopes that her music will connect with people on a deep level, inspire them to heal their hearts, and follow their dreams.

Sheila Haley

I’m currently 28 years old and raised in Fontana, I.E Baby. My Mother adopted me when I was just a baby. I graduated from Etiwanda High School in 2011, I also went to Marinello beauty school in graduated. Currently I’m working at the Amazon warehouse. I love to listen to Worship Music and Christian Hip Hop. In my free time I love to read my bible. I also love spending time with my family, they make me really happy. I’m a very easy-going person, I love making new friends and it’s not hard for me to do so. I’m Goofy and I can sometimes be very outgoing. Now does this sound like someone with mental illness? 

More coming soon… 

Danielle McKnight

 My name is Danielle McKnight and I am an artist and professional tattooer. I have been in love with many creative forms of art since my early childhood. Spending most of my time drawing, painting, and writing as I grew up. Today I have a career as a successful tattoo artist of thirteen years, who has won awards, and also appeared on television’s Ink Master, not once but twice. I now have plans of opening my very own private tattoo studio in Long Beach, California called Black Moon Lilith Tattoo Studio. In my free time, I enjoy reading, going to the gym, singing, and am an avid bowler. I enjoy taking up new hobbies and crafts, and am always looking for something positive, creative, or stimulating to fill my time when I’m not working. I also spend a lot of time doing yoga, meditation, and building upon my spiritual practices, while spending time in nature when I can, drawing from Pagan and Wiccan as well as ancestral African and Indigenous roots of spirituality. My favorite place to be is the beach, while listening to the waves crash upon the shore, and enjoying the scent of the salty sea while grounding myself with my feet in the sand. I also enjoy the mountains as well, gazing down at the city lights below, or looking up at the stars and planets and taking in the Universe. I hope to be able to inspire people not only with my art, but with my story as well. This world is a beautiful place to behold, and everyone should have the amazing pleasure of experiencing it in its entirety. I’ve always felt called to help others in need when I can, and I hope that I may continue to do so, and to speak for those without a voice, or those who feel like they may not be able to speak loud enough. If we truly believe in ourselves, and all that we are surely capable of, our voices will carry on forever.