The Monique Woolley Foundation


 The Monique Woolley Foundation is a movement dedicated to Survivors of Suicide, those struggling from Depression, and to bring awareness to the importance of Mental illness. We are breaking the silence on Depression by creating this platform for Survivors to tell their stories to one another; One story at a time. We are assisting by providing means to begin healing. We are providing resources to save One life at a time. We are bringing hope to those affected by Depression and Mental illness.. We are here letting everyone know they, “YOU ARE NOT ALONE! AND IT’S OKAY, NOT TO BE OK”. Together we will make a big difference in the lives of others. Let’s Keep HOPE Alive.               read more

A Poem for Monique

I jumped; you caught me. I laughed; you joked. I was down; you picked me up.
I crumbled; you glued me back together. I loved you; you loved me back.
You jumped; I couldn’t catch you. You forgot to laugh; I couldn’t remind you.
You were down; I couldn’t hold you. You crumbled; I had no glue.
You loved me; I still love you. Without any warning or sign Mo!
You ventured to a world divine and didn’t say goodbye.
I refused to say goodbye. Gone too soon but never to be forgotten.
Yet tonight I cry. My tears are for you, my beautiful daughter, my yellow butterfly.
Our legacy will not end. I will not allow that. For I shall see you soon,
But first I have living to do and to save every life I can in your name and it will be called the Monique Woolley Foundation. To let them know its OK not to be OK and when they are feeling blue to think yellow.
I promise I won’t forget, for your face will be forever embedded in my heart.


Keeping Hope Alive!

At The end of a relationship

Moving to a new community

Opportunity  is suddenly closed

The death of a pet

A life-threatening illness


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  • Contact us to learn more about our commitment to changing people’s perspective about depression and mental illnesses.

Our volunteer positions are open to all individuals who meet the expectations outlined.

We are committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination in employment and
opportunity in any way.