The Monique Woolley Foundation

Founder/CEO - Amour Delus

the Monique Woolley Foundation and the mother whom the foundation is dedicated to -MONIQUE “Mo” Woolley, a loving daughter, sister, cousin, a good friend, a makeup artist “Makeup is my candy” and most of all a great mother to her only son NJM. read more

Monique’s Gift

A Poem

 It’s Strange how we assume things should make sense. Why does a dove fly straight into glass. Why does a flower wither prematurely. Why does a Gorgeous daughter, best friend, Bomb Sister walk away. Pain sorrow makes no sense. Is beauty time sensitive? The better question is , not a question at all…It’s to love like crazy. read more


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We Honor Your Love and Support

Keep Hope Alive!

  • At The end of a relationship
  • Moving to a new community
  • Opportunity  is suddenly closed
  • The death of a pet
  • A loved has a life-threatening illness


Suicide Prayer


Our volunteer positions are open to all individuals who meet the expectations outlined.
We are
committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination in employment and
opportunity in any way.

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